This may sound sad but Lee and I love collecting Tesco Clubcard points! We have been collecting for about a year and we put our points towards airmiles (we have about 2000 to date)

Here are some quick ways in how to collect more points:
  1.  Take advantage or Tesco's double points offers which happen quite often. This is on petrol and grocery shopping
  2. If you need an electrical product, try Tesco Direct. They can offer upto 500 extra points on purchases
  3. If you do your grocery shop online, choose to deliver your shopping with no bags. This can add a few extra points to your balance.
  4. Use the self serve checkouts in store. You can add upto 3 of your own bags without authorization, even if you dont have 3 bags
  5. Sometimes there are unclaimed reciepts floating around these tills. Its a bit pikey but you can claim them as your own!
  6. Apply for a Tesco Credit Card. You get even more Clubcard points when you use it (subject to credit history)
Lee and I collect over 1000 points a quarter just by doing these little things like this and we are looking forward to taking our first Clubcard points flight!