This blog consists of the random rantings of a young people constantly frustrated with every day life.

For me, you may say I have PMS or you may call it a sensible mind. Its up to you really.

Oooh, I just took a quiz and it told me

"You are an active participant in the world around integral piece of the puzzle."

What a nice confidence booster.

So, what the hell am I all about?

  1. What is your name? Stina
  2. How old are you? 26
  3. When is your birthday? October
  4. Do you have siblings? 2 younger sisters
  5. Are you in a relationship? Yep, with Lee
  6. Who is your weird crush? I have many. Rick Moranis, Maury Povich, Kilroy, Philip Schofield...
  7. Do you have pets? 2 lovely mental Chihuahua crosses
  8. If you could change your name, what would it be? Sha'naynay Brown
  9. Do you prefer talking or texting? I spend about 20 minutes on calls and send on average 3,000 texts a month.. hmm, which do I prefer...? Its a good thing I have an unlimted tariff
  10. How would your friends describe you? Blunt, "all-about-the-heels-and-hair" rude, funny, arrogant and witty
  11. Do you want to get married? Yes, I want a lavish, expensive, romantic wedding.
  12. Do you want to have kids? If I didnt have to give birth to them or look after them, i'd be right up for it.
  13. What is your favorite quote? "Fear is temporary, regret is forever"
  14. Where would your dream vacation be? Tahiti, in the middle of knowhere away from stress and civilisation
  15. What is your phobia? Anything that I cant predict it's flight pattern. Bee's, butterflies, moths etc. I also really hate pictures and videos of spiders.
  16. What is your dream profession? Gazillionaire
  17. What was the most exciting moment of your life? Getting the keys to my first house with my boyfriend. Was over the moon!
  18. Have you ever had your heart broken? Erm... I might have...? Can't remember. Oh yes, I had my heart broken once. I got dumped by being ignored via text! I was over it by the next day and he lives to regret his decision hehe.
  19. Have you ever broken one? Make that PLURAL
  20. Tell us something weird about yourself: I am in the 1 in 10 statistic of "born with a third nipple"