I mean, I like to read certain peoples FB status's but I do think sometimes "Do you know you sound like a pencil right now and everytime you write something in this status box?"

These are the classic examples that, as Peter Griffin would say, "GET MY GOAT"
  1. People who have no idea "what to eat for dinner". How can you survive life having to make such difficult decisions
  2. People who's status "is watching TV", "is going to bed", "is going to eat". Thank Jesus you announced that to us all. Now I won't be awake all night
  3. Boring flooded status. "Goinggggggggggggggg Skiinggggggggg. Can't waittttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!". So unnecessary
  4. People who love their partner "sooooooo much" or "can't wait to see my man" BLEARGH
  5. People who have rocky relations "He can be such an idiot sometimes", "Why did he do that?", "Why does he want to hurt me?". FUCKING ASK HIM!!!
  6. I have trouble containing myself when people do not write their statuses' in third person
  7. "Looking forward to the weekend". Everyone is looking forward to the weekend, it's assumed knowledge !
  8. Illiterate fools who can't even string a sentence together i.e "I fink I am guna 2 c my frend ova dere" What the hell does that say?!
  9. And the worse one... so and so "is bored" Don't bore us with your BORING STATUS!

I'm not religious but I do ask the lord to "Give Me Strength" when I read this shit...

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