I hate getting ripped off. Its one of my real hates! It very rarely happens to me actually but when I do, man my blood boils!

I always like to do a lot of comparisons when buying expensive products. For example, I just bought some brand new gym equipment; -

Roger Black Silver Motorised Treadmill Running Machine
Roger Black Gold Medal Rower - AG-13402
Roger Black Bike X Trainer Combo

all for £408.99 when it should've cost me £1049! How did I make such a saving?

Simply by shopping around!

I bought all these items on eBay, some of the items offered free delivery too. They were all items that had only been opened and returned to the seller so they were in PERFECT condition.

There are a lot of sellers on eBay that sell perfect quality items with damaged boxes. All of these items have been checked and repackaged and offer customer service support if the item is not up to the standard you have expected.

So go on, check it out!