You have a digital camera and take hundreds of photos but never print them out due to the fact that they are stored on your laptop/memory stick/external hard drive/ memory card/pc...! In the old days you would always print out 35mm\APS\polaroid prictures...

If you own a digital camera - shop around online, sign up for a new account!

#Tip 1: Always have in mind to spend less that 5p per 6x4 print - this is the usual lowest 'standard' rate you can get on the highstreet.
#Tip 2: Try to avoid the companies offering 25 free prints - usually the p&p isnt worth the costs of the prints.
#Tip 3: Sometimes if you recommend a friend - more free prints for you!!
#Tip 4: 40 free prints here and there usually works out cheaping than mass ordering with just one company - all you have to pay for is postage and packaging!

75 Free Prints at Jessops:  (09/06/2010)
50 Free Prints at Truprint:
40 Free Prints at Asda:
50 Free Prints at Pixum:
50 Free Prints at Orange Photos:   -
40 Free prints at Toys r Us - Yes, Toys r Us!:

Money Saving Expert with a rundown of additional print offers:  (some may be out of date)

If any of these links expired, then do another google search. There will always be companies offering deals!