My tips are to:
  1. Move gyms! Due to the recession a lot of gyms have free day passes. Use the links below (Hurry some may run out end of April) or simply call up your local gym and say you are interested and they may offer you a free trial!
  2. If you want to ditch the gym altogether, take up classes! 
  3. Join such classes as Boxercise/Zumba/Aqua Aerobics/Circuit Training or even pick up a team sport. Much more fun and you actually enjoy yourself whilst burning fat! It’s on average £5 per class, for an hour’s lesson the average person can burn the following:
    • Zumba: on average 650 calories!! (Based on the instructors calculations)
    • Boxercise: 350 – 450 calories
    • Aqua Aerobics – 500 Calories
    • Find out through where your local gyms are and give them a ring to find out what classes they have to offer.
Personally, I would recommend Aqua Aerobics you can go at your own pace and it’s good if you want to get in the water but are not a keen swimmer or you don’t want to ruin your hair (ladies with weaves or perms know what I’m on about!) and you really burn the calories.

Remember: The harder you work the more calories you’ll burn!! 

Here is what I recommend...

  1. Hold it - wait till you get home!! I appreciate this isn’t always the case so…
  2. Always carry hand sanitizer! Kills 99.9% of germs.
  3. Fully line the toilet seat with loo roll!
  4. Stoop!!

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