Now I must admit, I'm not the biggest football fan. I have sat down and watched a game or two and I am with someone who is so much of a football fan, that I generally pick up on all the interesting bits.
What I find shocking is the hype over Wayne Rooney. I'm not going to deny the fact that the man is an amazing football player, however, how must the other players feel when everyone and even the commentators turn round and say "Rooney isn't playing, there is a high chance we will lose".

Talk about having a lot of faith in the rest of your players! Its like saying we should expect a really bad episode of Family Guy if Quagmire doesn't make an appearance, Destiny's Child without Michelle or making a Victoria Sponge without the Jam! Yes it would be missed, but it shouldn’t really make much of a difference. It is absolutely ludicrous.

That we as a nation should do, is not put all our eggs into one basket and start having a little faith in our other players. There is nothing more disconcerting than hearing your team is going to fail without a particular person. You are seriously setting yourself up for a fail if you keep that attitude. I would hate to have been playing on the England team when Wayne Rooney "broke" his ankle, I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that "England had no chance". All I would say is thanks for believing in me. There is no "Rooney" in team!

There are plenty of other fantastically skilled (and fantastically over paid) players in the UK at the moment. In the words of George Michael, "You gotta have faith". This much pressure on one person can't be healthy either, look at all the famous melt downs of Christmas past:

Britney Spears - Shaved her hair off

Lindsay Lohan - Likely hood of her doing another movie is ZERO.

Whitney Houston - if you haven't seen it, check out this link

All I can say is yes Rooney is a good player, but start believing every the other 10 players trying to win the match for you. 

We all know someone who has there own opinions on branded products. They either refuse to use a particular brand or are afraid to stray away from another. The most common opinion I hear are the people who say “Is that an apple product, get it away from me!”. These people I find are secretly jealous of apple products, but are too ashamed to admit it.

I was lucky enough to try out the new apple iPad this week and it is in all words "awesome". If you have ever owned or used an iTouch, then you will notice is pretty much the same thing but on a larger scale. 

The iPad looks and feels classy and is packed with features suited to today’s modern day home. With storage capacity of 16G, 32G or 64G you have enough space to store your personal music, photos and movies as well as applications available from the app store. Its ideal for watching movies on the train, on a plane or in a car. You can use the internet via its Safari web browser with the option of a keyboard docking station, making typing easier. There are two types of iPad;- one with Wifi and the other with wifi and 3G, making the iPad ready to use on the go.

Only the Wifi versions are out in America at the moment with models coming to the UK in late May. Prices are expected to start around £500 for the entry model (16G with Wifi), making the iPad a pricey accessory to your home. It will appeal to the Apple users already as all Apple products do, but may also turn a few apple haters into lovers. Rival companies are now producing their own Windows 7 Android-powered versions which will all be released later in the year.

Do I like the iPad? YES. 

Will other people like it? YES. 

Will the people secretly jealous of Apple products like it, YES...

...but they will tell you NO!

I hate getting ripped off. Its one of my real hates! It very rarely happens to me actually but when I do, man my blood boils!

I always like to do a lot of comparisons when buying expensive products. For example, I just bought some brand new gym equipment; -

Roger Black Silver Motorised Treadmill Running Machine
Roger Black Gold Medal Rower - AG-13402
Roger Black Bike X Trainer Combo

all for £408.99 when it should've cost me £1049! How did I make such a saving?

Simply by shopping around!

I bought all these items on eBay, some of the items offered free delivery too. They were all items that had only been opened and returned to the seller so they were in PERFECT condition.

There are a lot of sellers on eBay that sell perfect quality items with damaged boxes. All of these items have been checked and repackaged and offer customer service support if the item is not up to the standard you have expected.

So go on, check it out!

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