Just because I don't have curtains in my front room, doesn't give you an invitation into looking into my home.

Everyone that walks past, I swear they are looking for some car crash or some gossip to share with friends. Some of the walkers past even come back for a second look in hope. Just damn RUDE.

"Oooh, guess what I saw in a house round the corner? I saw a full on orgy with 3 midgets, a pre-op transvestite and a labrador. Oh and a well endowed black girl. I can't believe the scandal in this street"

Far from it. Me and my partner are just watching TV. Nothing to see here, move along.

Next time i'm going to go outside, wave at them vigorously and say "Hi, how are you?" and ask to borrow their jump leads so I can attach them to one of the midgets nipples for my erotic enjoyment.

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