Don't you just fucking hate it when you break a finger nail so short it hurts?! It feels like you are being stabbed in the bloody eyeballs whilst having your intestines taken out via your arsehole with chopsticks??

You have to decide whether to rip the nail off or leave the remains hanging. But what if it gets caught anyway?!

Check these top tips out!

TIP 1: The quick cheap one. Put a plaster/band aid tightly around your broken finger nail (whether the nail be half off or all off) to stifle the uncomfortable feeling. After a few hours you will be able to remove the plaster and you will be pain free.

TIP 2: Use fiber paper and nail glue to fix the nail. Adhesive glue is for use with manicure and pedicure fiber paper, when carrying out nail repairs. Fiber paper is a natural, effective way to mend a broken nail. I recommend Jessica Nails

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