Well I have a some friends that are really good friends and some friends that are just acquaintances. You know those friends that you don't call or text but you invite them to your party so you look popular?

Anyways, I have one particular friend, I love her dearly and I have known her for about 7 years now, gosh. I'd be talking about something really interesting, like my new bad ass hair style, or what new pair of 5 inch heels I bought on the weekend and BAM, just like that, she'd start talking about something else! Its like,

"Can you not hear me talking?"

"Can you not wait till I've finished talking? I've listened to what you have to say"


The same thing happens to me at work. I mean, I am a loud, outspoken person and at these points in time, I am not whispering or mumbling, I am speaking with clarity and conviction and BAM, i'm cut off again!

Whats with these people?! Are they just rude? Are they just bursting to say what they need to say?

NOTE: The only people you are allowed to talk over are your siblings or your partner. I do it to my boyfriend all the time because its allowed.

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