Seriously, I think anyone out there who owns one of these cars gets an automatic licence to drive round like an absolute tit!! They are always the drivers who will drive up your arse, they will always be the drivers who would cut you up and they are always the drivers who think the road belongs to them and that we should feel somewhat privileged to grace the same surface as them.

I'll be honest enough to say that I am quite a fast driver and have been known to push the limit, but I think we would all be in agreement when I say "all BMW drivers should be shot!!" They drive around with their dark sun glasses, driving round like they run the place. Who do they think they are?

I was driving home the other day, going pretty quickly (as I really needed the loo), and this crazy BMW driver came straight up my arse and had the audacity to start flashing me to move over. Now, I’m quite a calm person and can take quite a lot, but this guy really made me see red. The fact that I was already speeding past most drivers in the slow lane anyway meant nothing to him. I really wanted to get out my car, go over to his window and bitch slap him with my ring hand.

Learn to drive like a normal person and maybe we'll get along. They act like their cars are all that but to be honest, I'd rather be seen in a Skoda! Yes I went there.