Seriously, there are so many drivers out there on our roads that I wonder “How the hell did you manage to get a license?” From collecting tokens in the News of the World and did you get a free bonus CD of Stevie Wonders greatest hits?

I’ll start with idiot middle lane drivers. Please tell me, what’s wrong with the inside lane? Is there something you’re not telling me? Do we use more fuel in that lane? Does it wear our tyres quicker? Is there some kind of inside lane monster that will jump out at you causing you to flip your car a bunch of times? No! So why do they persist on driving in that lane at 60mph when the inside lane is free. Then have the cheek to give ME the middle finger or look at me as if i’m in the wrong!

Well you’re wrong !! So unless you are overtaking, get your slow arse stupid self in the inside lane!!

Another thing that really gets up my nose is when your waiting behind 2 cars (one in each lane) at a set of traffic lights. You wait, wait some more, then the lights go green and your guess what, your still damn waiting! At what point did the driving test start teaching people that when you're at a set of traffic lights, don't watch the lights, just sit there and wait for the car next to you to start moving and then you can go! NO, you watch the lights you stupid fools and when they go green, you go!

Last but not least, how many times have you been behind another car as you approach a roundabout and as you get closer you start to look to see if it's clear. It is clear but to your horror as you glance back at the road in front, you hit the brakes and brace for impact because the stupid idiot your following has stopped! WHY? WHY? WHY? I ask and guess what, if you hit them it's your fault! It's your insurance that has to pay out!!! Is there really any need to approach the roundabout, stop, then look, have a moment to decide, then look again, think about it a little more then slowly pull away! Seriously, what is wrong these people, if you can't look to see if the roundabout is clear as you approach you shouldn't be driving full stop!