We all love new technology, but you know as soon as you buy something a week later it will be in the sale half price and discontinued. This has been my problem for some time. I have been looking for a TV for my bedroom for ages, and every time I find something I like, I look at the price tag and bam, well into the 4 figures. I know as soon as I take that one off the shelf something newer and better will come along within weeks.

That’s when I think to myself what’s the point? I already have a TV in my bedroom, it maybe big and look like it’s from the stone age but the picture quality is still good. It comes to that old saying “If it isn’t broken, then why fix it?

You can go to your local electrical shop and see 50” TVs for £500, and you think to yourself "Wow all that for that price, bargain!" But there is a reason for that price, ITS OLD! It’s like going clothes shopping and looking at last season’s fashion.

With the introduction of 3D TV in 2010 a new wave of TVs are to emerge. To be able to view this new technology you will need to upgrade your TV as well as your DVD player and Sky box (Unless you have the new Sky+ HD box). All this comes at a price, a price the £500 50” TVs were a year or two ago.
The question is, do you keep up with technology and at a price? or Go for last year’s technology and be happy with second best? The choice is yours!