Now, I’m a lover of great celebrity gossip and scandal!! I am addicted to the fantastic and legendary website Perezhilton!! Absolutely fantastic reading, it dishes the dirt on all celebrities, doing things they are not suppose to, but what I do love about all these celebrities, is that the majority of them have earned the right for us to google their names and read about them in both awe and admiration. However, what I don’t like reading about is WAGS.

Seriously, to become famous by getting your leg over an overpaid footballer is nothing to be proud of. It not like they even have any particular talent to show off, other than they are capable of flushing their lovers money down the drain in the streets of London. However, what is worse is the fact that I work in a school where I have had several arguments with the girls (and some boys) about not really needing a good education as they will grow up and marry a footballer!

Let’s take Coleen as an example. What real talent has that lady actually got? And I’m pretty sure we all know, the real reason why she is actually with the Neanderthal/Golum look alike husband is because of the money and the second hand fame she receives.
I must admit, this hatred of WAGS is not aimed at all of those money grabbing vultures who hunt by night in the clubs in Mayfair, prowling the clubs in hope of netting themselves a premier league player. Those ladies who have talent and made a career of themselves, through singing or acting or another form of reputable career, well done and good on you. It’s those girls who don’t aspire to do well in life and just want to sponge of someone else’s hard earn efforts.
I’m guessing, my real gripe is with those people who basically want something for nothing. They want the lavish lifestyle and the only thing they are willing to do for it is spread their legs in order to do so. Now, some women (Jordan) have managed to make a successful career but honestly, don’t sell yourself short.
To do well in this life and succeed, you will have to work hard at it and the rewards with pay off, however, for those parasites who depend on someone else, that is all you are destined to be and all you will be known for.