Now, I am a colossal fan of X Factor. Every Saturday from September through to mid December, I am glued to my tv watching this show. I have honestly scheduled my social life around it and even my own birthday celebration, I am that much of a fan. Watching the rise of Leona Lewis, that other guy Leon (dropped faster than Jordans underwear) , Alexandra Burke (love love love!!) And the latest winner Joe McElderry (Yawn), it’s been some fantastic TV.

One thing that really got to me this particular season was this bungling duo who managed to charm the pants off Cheryl, Louie, Simon, Dannii and the rest of the nation. And I must admit, there was part of me that was secretly looking forward to these tone deaf, rythmless dancers to jump up on stage and make absolute fools of themselves for the sake of entertainment. Once the world woke up and realised that we are actually watching a talent show and these 2 lacked any form what so ever and decided to vote these two out, one was hoping they would wither away and join the rest of the X Factor rejects and make the occasional Cameo appearance.

However, these two must have the same manager as Jade Goody (god rest her soul), as they seem to just be popping up everywhere and indorsing everything. Somehow they managed to pull together a single which brought out Vanilla Ice back from the grave with intent to use this as an attempt to relight his mediocre career, but that’s another hate for another day.

Last thing I heard is that the gruesome twosome will be going on tour with another X Factor joke Eoghan Quigg and that really say’s it all. I would like to bitch some more, but I am in a good mood. So all I will say is I hope that these Z list celebrities will eventually disappear into a deep dark bottomless pit where they will be long forgotten like Jodie Marsh and the 7th member of the Pussycat dolls (seriously, look it up, there were 7 originally).

Jedward, your 15 minutes of fame ended 10 hours ago, please take the hint and do the rest of the world a favour!